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What is Kinship to Foster Care?

Kinship to Foster Care is a way to empower kinship providers in Ohio to become NYAP foster parents with little-to-no training. NYAP provides mentoring, coaching and training to become a foster parent for those currently in kinship. Once licensed, parents then have access to all the benefits of being a NYAP foster parent as they continue to care for the youth in their home.

What are the benefits of becoming a foster parent?

As a foster parent, you are empowered with the unique ability to bring safety and peace to a child or youth who may feel broken. NYAP foster parents are equipped with the tools needed to continue to provide that safe and peaceful environment for the youth, including:

  • Competitive monthly compensation to support the youth
  • Continuous training with our professional team of social workers and psychologists
  • 24/7 support through our quality Service Reception comprised of caring professionals
  • Referral bonuses as you refer others to become licensed NYAP foster parents
  • Involvement in a national community of like-minded NYAP foster parents

Learn more about our Foster Care program here.


How do I Begin?

To get started with NYAP as a licensed foster parent, please fill out our inquiry form here. If you’d like to speak with a NYAP professional to learn more, call your local NYAP office at the locations listed below:


Is there a way I can learn more?

Yes! We have virtual informational sessions available to the public. Contact one of our local offices to find a session in your area.


Why Choose NYAP?

NYAP makes this transition smooth and easy by providing current kinship providers with in-depth training at no cost. NYAP’s mission is instilled in every training and ongoing educational opportunities given, and NYAP’s employee workforce is dedicated to serve and help the heartbeat of the organization: the foster parents.

Learn more about NYAP’s mission, vision and values here.