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Positive Adolescent Sexuality Services (PASS)

Positive Adolescent Sexuality Services (PASS) is a program that provides high intensity therapeutic intervention to youth with histories of sexually problematic behaviors. PASS uses state-of-the-art, research based treatment strategies for youth living at home or in a therapeutic foster care setting.

PASS provides services to youth in the least restrictive environment with less trauma and stigma, with direct application of learned skills, at a lower cost of service than other services/programs.

The program is closely and jointly supervised by social workers and psychotherapists.  This multi-disciplinary approach assures an integrated and comprehensive response to treatment needs.  Three therapy sessions are provided per week, one individual, one group, and one family session

The PASS Approach

When considering all that the field currently knows, we believe:

  • Juvenile sex offenders must be understood by considering their needs and behaviors on a continuum.
  • Many juveniles adjudicated or convicted of sex offenses today, do not present with a high risk to re-offend.
  • Many juveniles adjudicated or convicted of sex offenses require approaches other than conventional juvenile sex offender counseling services.
  • Providers must understand the individual needs of each juvenile offender when assessing and working with the youth.