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Since joining the NYAP family in 2015, ACTION Adoption has been providing comprehensive adoption and support services to families and birth parents. We believe that every child has the right to a loving, caring and supportive family. Our commitment is to welcome parents who are willing to serve as a life-long family for youth of all ages that might otherwise languish in transitional placements.

There are times when birth parents, because of their life circumstances, feel that it is in the best interest of their child to be placed in an adoptive home. Our agency supports this choice, and we offer support and professional assistance in helping those parents design an adoptive plan.

We believe in educating prospective and adoptive families as well as the community on adoption.


  • Professionalism and courtesy by our qualified and experienced staff
  • Adoptive Parent Support Group
  • 36 hours of pre-adoptive training
  • Comprehensive home study for domestic adoptions
  • Networking with child welfare agencies nationwide to match children & families
  • Counseling & family support as needed
  • Assistance in adopting through child welfare agencies & private infant adoptions
  • Supervision & court reports for adoption finalization
  • Post adoption services, including referrals to area resources
  • If you would like more information on our adoption services please call 937-277-6101 or email