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Keeping families together and safe is our number one priority. We strive to keep our youth and families in the communities they call home, as we believe the best lessons learned are within their own communities. Through Family Preservation Services, we provide various services that help keep our families in tact, including:  

  • Home-based therapy 
  • Home-based case management 
  • Supervised visitation 
  • Father’s Engagement 

We follow the lead of our families. We ensure that our services are what they need, individualized and tailored to the dynamics and culture of the family.  


We provide a wraparound model for all Family Preservation Services. This holistic approach to preserving families improves on the traditional home-based service, because it focuses on the family’s self-sufficiency from Day 1. 

Wraparound care puts a primary emphasis on the VOICE and CHOICE of our families.  

  • The Wraparound Values: 
  • Family Culture 
  • Family Preferences 
  • Trusted Team 
  • Resources 
  • Community 
  • Respect 
  • Optimism 
  • Empowerment 

PHASE 1: Engagement 

We focus energy on engaging with the family by hearing their stories, discovering what their strengths are, learning about their family culture, their needs and their vision of their future.  

PHASE 2: Initial Plan Development 

Team members chosen by the family come together to listen to the family’s needs to provide creative, individualized, action-based steps that help the family achieve those goals in a manner that is sustaining because of the natural community supports rooted in their steps.  

PHASE 3: Plan Implementation 

The team meets regularly to review the plan, celebrate the family’s successes, and recognize anything that may need to be changed.  

PHASE 4: Transition & Closing 

At least 90 days before the end of services, we ensure that our families feel prepared for the NYAP team to pull back. We are always available, promoting their success and unity in the home. 


Our highly trained staff is excited to provide families with resources and help needed to stay unified in the home and keep from any future disruption.