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NYAP's Kinship Care program provides kinship families with a centralized service point of entry which ensures that they are linked with and receive services that promote safety, permanency, and the well-being of children and youth and prevent children from entering the child welfare system.    

Through effective service delivery and treatment, we provide support to relative and non-relative caregivers by helping families access necessary services, expand family support systems, educate caregivers on the issues many of the youth are experiencing, assist youth in overcoming their own personal obstacles, and ultimately reduce stress to promote family stability.  

We’re here for our kinship families, foster parents, youth and families, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can call us anytime at 1-877-NYAP-CAN (1.877.692.7226) if you need support, information, guidance or just to ask a general question.

When you need us, we’re here for you.

NYAP’s Kinship program provide services required to maintain a stable home for Kinship Families in which a child or children are being raised by a kinship caregiver because the biological parent(s) are unable to do so. Services offered to children and families provide advocacy, service coordination and support for families providing Kinship Care and Non-Relative Care to child victims of dysfunctional home environments.

About Our Kinship Support Services

Service Principles
Family centered - families have a voice and choice in determining the strategies utilized
Strengths based - strategies are based on family’s past successes, preferences, and values;
Needs driven - as defined by the family;
Culturally relevant and non-judgmental - to assure that differences are not ignored;
Team developed and supported -  it takes a lot of people to help a family grow strong;
Outcomes focused and driven;
Flexible and individualized - both in terms of content and style for every family served;
Community based -  unwavering commitment to the family’s success in their community;
Unconditional - in the knowledge that giving up reduces a family’s chance for success.

What to Expect

Placement stability for youth and caregivers
Increased Family protective factors
Reduced Family risk factors
Reduced Child abuse and child neglect

It is NYAP's vision that by providing Kinship families with these services , we will reduce the risk of abuse and neglect, family dysfunction and family violence all of which are factors documented to increase the risk of drug abuse, teen pregnancy, school failure and violence.  The focus on empowering and strengthening kinship families so that they can emancipate themselves from public support systems and achieve independence keeping the youth in their home is the underlying long-term goal of the program.

Specific Services

Individual and Family Assessments
Family  and Individual Supportive Counseling
In home and Group Parenting and Youth Age related Education
Youth and Caregiver Support and Peer Groups
Caregiver Skill Building
Respite Services
Family Building Events
Legal Assistance and Referrals
Linkage to career Counseling and Public Benefit Assistance
Educational and Vocational Advocacy and Support
Addiction Education
Medical and Health Awareness and Navigation
Emergency and Crisis Support

Kinship Care services are available throughout the Columbus Ohio area as a component of the Care Management program.