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NYAP's Community Based Emergency Stabilization Care (CB-ESC) program serves youth of all ages on an emergency basis. These youth may have extensive histories of abuse, neglect, other forms of victimization, behavioral health needs, and prior placements in institutional care. Many youth served in CB-ESC are also involved with the juvenile justice system.

Stabilization services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by referral from the custodial agency, with credentialed behavioral health staff providing clinical assessment, behavioral intervention, case management, and reunification supports with family/kinship.

The program is designed to be a 30-45 day, short-term stay for youth, effectively addressing the need for youth safety, crisis stabilization, and return to family/community living. 


•    Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation 
•    Case Management Services
•    Therapeutic Behavioral Services
•    Psychosocial Rehabilitation 
•    Individual and Group Behavioral Health Counseling 
•    Psychiatric Evaluation and Management Services (as needed)
•    Social and Recreational Services
•    Life Skills Development 
•    Educational Tutoring

Community Based - Emergency Stabilization Care services are available in Ohio under contract with county children services agencies.