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Desde el 1978, hemos sido los representantes dinámicos para los derechos de niños, jóvenes y familias.

NYAP es el instrumento enérgico de cambio y compasión en la vida de niños, jóvenes y familias y de los sistemas, estructuras y escemas que les afectan. Aprende más

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There are many ways to impact foster youth in our communities with National Youth Advocate Program. National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP) knows that there many different ways you can make an impact in a foster youth’s life. Think, for…

With more than 400,000 foster youth living in the United States, we need loving and caring foster parents now more than ever. 

So where do you start? We’ve put together the 6 main steps to help you begin your foster parent journey with NYAP! 

We recognize the realities of child abuse and neglect, and believe that Child Abuse Prevention affords us the opportunity to live out our mission of being an energetic instrument of CHANGE and COMPASSION and therewith empower our families and communities, a critical responsibility we all have.