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Singles or couples 21 years and older.

Complete a Foster Parent Inquiry here

Receive an informational call from a NYAP Licensing Coordinator.

Complete an Application Packet.

Provide a medical form to your physician to provide evidence of physical examination to determine that adults are medically able to take care for children/youth; and that all others in the household are free from any communicable diseases. Indiana also requires all children to be current on immunizations.

Provide at least four (4) positive references.

Complete a criminal history and background check (All adults in the household).

Complete a Child Protection background check (All individuals in the household).

Provide documentation of current CPR, First Aid and Universal Precautions training (NYAP can provide you guidance).

Provide a safe, loving, nurturing home and participate in a Physical Home Environment inspection, which includes assuring a minimum of 50 sq. ft. of bedroom space for each youth.

Complete 30 hours of pre-service training provided by NYAP.

Work closely with a NYAP Licensing Coordinator and participate in a series of interviews to aid in completing your home study. Home studies provide comprehensive family social histories, highlight individual strengths for foster parenting and determine your preferences in fostering.

Provide documentation of financial security.  Fostering should not become a financial burden as the State provides funds to care for the child.  There is no cost to become licensed with NYAP.