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Ongoing Foster Parent Training

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February 2024

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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Webinar trainings must maintain high standards of quality and integrity. If you cannot agree to the following Webinar Guidelines, we respectfully ask that you opt not to participate. To receive training credit:

  • You must be a prospective or licensed NYAP foster parent or NYAP staff member (All guidelines apply to both foster parents and staff).
  • Participants must participate in the entire Webinar Training.
  • Participants must sign their name in the chat box.
  • CAMERAS MUST BE TURNED ON throughout the entire training for ALL participants & you must be visible in the frame. If your camera is not on & we cannot see YOU, you will be removed from the training.
  • PARTICIPANTS MUST BE ACTIVELY ENGAGED & FOCUSED ON TRAINING (NOTE: If you are driving a vehicle, attending other events, or engaged in any other activities while attending training you will be removed from the training).
  • Trainings start on time & will be locked 15 minutes after the start time; please plan to arrive early. If you leave the training you will not be able to rejoin.
  • Virtual trainings are recorded and may be used for future training purposes.