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Help Spread the Word- Sample Social Media Posts

Below are sample social media messages to share and customize to advocate for Family First implementation. Include relevant state-specific data to personalize posts and utilize the hashtags #FamilyFirstAct and #FamilyFirstActNYAP

  • As a {profession}, I know children fare best in families. Family First focuses on keeping families together when possible so they can heal. #FamilyFirstActNYAP
  • As a {profession} in {State}, I support implementation of Family First to help vulnerable children and families in crisis. #FamilyFirstActNYAP
  • As a {profession} in {State}, I know Family First will help support families in crisis and promote resilience. We must implement Family First without delay. #FamilyFirstActNYAP
  • Family First shifts the focus of the child welfare system to prevention. Together, NYAP can ensure the best outcomes for kids and families. #FamilyFirstActNYAP
  • Family First is evidence-based policy that will help vulnerable children impacted by the opioid crisis by connecting parents to treatment and keeping families together safely. #FamilyFirstActNYAP
  • Family First addresses the root causes of why children come into foster care in the first place and works to keep children in families where they can thrive. #FamilyFirstActNYAP
  • Youth involved with the child welfare system should grow up in safe, stable, and secure families that support their long-term well-being. #FamilyFirstAct prioritizes keeping kids in families.#FamilyFirstActNYAP
  • Research makes clear that growing up in a family is essential for all kids, especially those who have experienced abuse or neglect. #FamilyFirstAct prioritizes keeping kids in families. #FamilyFirstActNYAP
  • Systems must work to keep families together by providing access to prevention services. #FamilyFirstAct prioritize children and teens growing up in their own homes. #FamilyFirstActNYAP
  • Children and teens who cannot stay at home should live with relatives or close friends. When this is not possible, they should live with a loving and supportive foster family. #FamilyFirstActNYAP
  • As a {profession} in {State}, I support implementation of #FamilyFirstAct to ___________________________ #FamilyFirstActNYAP