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South Carolina Region

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Welcome to NYAP’s home page for the State of South Carolina!  As an organization, we are excited for the opportunities this wonderful state has to offer as we creatively seek and implement programs and services that help communities and people thrive.


NYAP’s leadership team in South Carolina is actively involved in identifying the local needs of various communities throughout the state. Through this involvement, we partner with various governmental and private agencies throughout the State all working together to improve the lives of children and families.

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NYAP - South Carolina


North Charleston

4000 Faber Place Drive

Suite 300

North Charleston, SC 29405



810 Dutch Square Blvd.

Suite 107

Columbia, SC 29210



124 Edinburgh Ct.

Suite 113

Greenville, SC 29607



State Executive Director:

Cathy Milless


Program Director:

Emma Schmitt Galligan

In collaboration with South Carolina’s Department of Social Services, Families First, NYAP provides Family Engagement Services statewide including: Family Team Meetings, Family Group Conferences, Follow-up Family Group Conference and Unlicensed Relative Assessments. We also partner with the state of South Carolina and a number of community agencies and have over 100 professionals statewide to provide assistance and support to those who need it most.


NYAP provides these services as Master Contractor for a coalition of provider agencies ensuring comprehensive service to families in each region. Family Engagement Services are designed to empower families whose children are involved in the child welfare system and to assist those families in developing plans to ensure the safety and well-being of their children.  

Family Engagement Services


Family Engagement Services include an array of services such as Family Team Meetings, Family Group Conferences, and assessments of unlicensed relative placements when children cannot be kept safely in their own home.

South Carolina's Programs & Services

South Carolina

For more information about Family Engagement Services or for general questions about NYAP’s South Carolina Program, please contact our South Carolina Executive Director, Cathy Milless, at 

“I am looking forward to expanding NYAP’s work in this important state and joining forces with the many public and private agencies and individuals dedicated to having a positive impact in the lives of South Carolina’s children and families.”

 -Cathy Milless, Executive Director, South Carolina

all 5 SC Department of Social Services regions!



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