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Whether you are a new foster parent, an experienced foster parent or a youth that has spent their life in the system...everyone has a story to their own their own voice.


If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent, read and discover what other people just like you, are sharing with the world.

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Everyone in foster care has a story to tell.


Foster Parent Poems...

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NYAP Stories...

Aaron and Matt's Story

Individuals like Aaron and Matt from Pompano Beach, Florida have other plans for helping children; they are foster parents. “We became foster parents with the hope of adopting one day and it has turned out that pursuing foster care instead has blessed us tremendously. Becoming foster parents is one of the most rewarding things."

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Amy and Doug's Story

Becoming foster parents is one of the most rewarding things we have ever done in our lives. We have always had a great love for children and you would think having four of our own would be more than enough to keep us busy. I feel that I went into foster care to give a blessing and came out receiving one.

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Real Foster Parent Stories
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