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NYAP's Continuum of Care


Programs and Services offered vary by location. Contact the NYAP office in your area to learn more about the specific services we can offer.  For four decades, NYAP has established a reputation for creating innovative programs that use community resources,  contain costs, are flexible and adapt to the needs of youth, their families and the communities they call home.

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24 Hour Service Reception


NYAP’s innovative 24-hour support team, Centralized Service Reception (CSR), provides a single point of entry at NYAP for any contact or inquiry.  Through 1-877-NYAP-CAN, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, CSR takes Foster Care and other referrals for all NYAP offices, makes appropriate foster parent-to-youth matches and facilitates other support and resource connections.  

Therapeutic and Family Foster Care


Foster Care is the original and core business of NYAP and is a program offered through every NYAP office, in every state. NYAP foster parents are an integral part of the service team providing nurturing and supportive environments to at-risk youth placed in their care.  

Behavioral Health Services


NYAP provides community-based mental health services as both a stand-alone program and as an integrated component of treatment foster care services. NYAP provides Behavioral and Mental Health services including Assessment Services, Individual and Group Mental Health Case Management Services, Individual and Group Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy Services, Pharmacological Management, Targeted Case Management, Crisis Intervention, Individual Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy Services and Psychological Testing.  

Sex Offender Treatment Services


A specialized mental health services program, Positive Adolescent Sexuality Services (PASS) provides community based sexual-offender treatment services for youth who have a history of sexually exploitive or reactive behaviors or who were convicted of a sexually abusive offense.  

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Constant and Never Ending Improvement Program (CANEI)


NYAP’s Constant and Never Ending Improvement program is an innovative, intensive, in-home based program for adolescents with histories of aggressive, defiant, or violent behavior served by the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.  CANEI is a strength-based program that seeks to help adolescents restore confidence and control to their lives and provide hope, caring and empowerment to at-risk youth. CANEI received the Innovative Practice Award by the Council on Accreditation (COA) in 2008.  

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Contracted Child Welfare Programming


Started in 1999, Care Management is a collaborative partnership between NYAP and Franklin County (Ohio) Children Services (FCCS).  The Care Management Program is a flexible and creative continuum of care featuring practical approaches to resolving the challenges and crises youth and families face, day-to-day. We work in partnership with families and parents to collectively do what is best for the child and the family as a whole.  

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Family Preservation and Reunification


NYAP's Family Preservation and Reunification Services are designed to prevent out-of-home placement by reducing the risk and improving the safety of all family members.  The services also support the reunification of children and youth with their family of origin when they are returning home from foster care, a community care home or residential placement.

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Medically Fragile Care


NYAP offers Therapeutic Foster Care in a family setting to serve medically fragile children that require additional care and treatment.  By definition, a medically fragile youth is one who has or is at risk of developing medical and/or developmental conditions that require ongoing, non-routine care.

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Respite Care


NYAP provides emergency shelter care for adolescent boys in Columbus, Ohio. NYAP also provides respite services as an integral component of our flexible continuum of care.  Many youth receiving respite services live in a foster home; however respite care may be used as an adjunct support for families struggling with a challenging youth at home.

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Emergency Shelter and Group Home Care


This program serves adolescent males and females on an emergency basis. These youth may have extensive histories of abuse, neglect and prior placements in institutional care. A number of youth served are also involved with the juvenile justice system. Services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by referral from the custodial county, with para-professional and degreed or licensed social work employees providing for basic needs, structured group activities, social/recreational outings and educational programming.

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Foster to Adopt


At NYAP, our primary focus for the children, youth and families we serve through foster care, is reunifying the children with their family of origin, a relative or through kinship care.  For whatever reason, when permanent placement is not possible with the child's family, a relative or family friend in their community, NYAP offers foster parents the opportunity to adopt the child or youth in their care.

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Programs and services offered vary by location.


Contact the NYAP office in your area to learn more about the specific services we can offer.

Transition from Restrictive Placement (TRP)


TRP provides hands on, compassionate, creative support for families with youth returning home from higher level of care placement.  Evidence informed modalities and best practices are used to meet the needs of each youth and family referred.  Through a combination of unique approaches, families learn how to manage crisis through internal skill development to more calmly deal with and problem solve by learning new patterns of thinking responding in suitable ways.

Resource Families


Resource Family Support Services provides hands on, compassionate, creative support for county foster families with the ultimate goal of stabilizing foster youth while in placement.  Family served learn how to nurture and support their foster children in new and creative ways.

Kinship Support Services


NYAP’s Kinship program provides services required to maintain a stable home for Kinship Families in which a child or children are being raised by a kinship caregiver because the biological parent(s) are unable to do so. Services offered to children and families provide advocacy, service coordination and support for families providing Kinship Care and Non-Relative Care to child victims of dysfunctional home environments.  Additionally, programming provides early support to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect, family dysfunction and family violence, factors which are documented to increase the risk of drug abuse, teen pregnancy, school failure and violence and offers to strengthen protective factors by helping Kinship families develop and maintain supportive parent–child relationships, effective and appropriate tools to improve child behavior, positive family communication, conflict resolution skills and strong family attachments.

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Family Engagement Services


The purpose of Family Engagement Services is to provide a range of services to ensure children and families are active participants in the discussions and decisions that affect their lives as clients of the child welfare system and that every family has the opportunity, with the help of our staff, to craft plans that will support achievement of their goals and prevent placement of their children into foster care.

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A.C.T.I.O.N. Adoption


In June of 2015, ACTION became the adoption arm of National Youth Advocate Program and continues to provide pre- and post-adoptive services to families. ACTION provides a variety of services such as: foster care, adoption, behavioral health support, family therapy, and birth mother support.  

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Alcohol and Other Drugs Treatment for Adolescents


NYAP’s adolescent alcohol and other drugs treatment programs treat youth who are struggling with substance use disorders. Our experienced and highly trained staff work closely with parents, caregivers, schools and the juvenile court system to assist teens in overcoming these issues. NYAP’s approach is to collaborate with teens and significant others to help them gain and maintain sobriety.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Treatment for Adults


NYAP’s adult alcohol and drug treatment program treats adults struggling with substance use disorders. Our goal is to work closely with clients to assist them in achieving and maintain sobriety and educate them on ways to maintain a sober lifestyle during and after completion of the program.

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