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May is National Foster Care Month at NYAP !

Show your support.

Calling all NYAP Foster Parents.  Make sure you wear your NYAP Blue Ribbons to show your support for the month of May.  Of course, non Foster Parents can help show your support as well.  We invite everyone from all around the Nation.


The choice to foster a child, youth or sibling group is an important decision in the life of the foster parent and of the youth they foster.  At NYAP, we take extra care to place the right kids into the right homes and for the right reasons. We believe that all kids are most successful when they live in a family setting and in the communities they call home until they can be reunited with their own family or with a relative.  We work hard to provide you with the special training, resources and support necessary to meet the individual needs of the youth.

For more detailed information please follow the National Foster Parent campaign at 

If you would like to explore the possibility of foster parenting, we hope that you will consider becoming a NYAP foster parent.


Foster parents make a difference in the lives of the families they help, the youth they foster and the communities where they live.

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We’re here for our foster parents, youth and families, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can call us anytime at 1-877-NYAP-CAN (1.877.692.7226) if you need support, information, guidance or just to ask a question about caring for the youth you foster.

When you need us, we’re here for you.

We’re here to give our foster parents the skills, knowledge and support they need to provide children and youth with a safe, caring home.  We help our foster parents build and maintain a relationship, when and where appropriate, with the youth’s biological family with the ultimate goal of reunification, if possible.  


To receive a packet of information about foster parenting and to have one of our NYAP staff members contact you directly, simply fill out our online Foster Parent Inquiry Form.


About Foster Parenting

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Each May, National Foster Care Month provides an opportunity to shine a light on the experiences of the more than 400,000 children and youth in the foster care system. The campaign raises awareness about the urgent needs of these young people and encourages citizens from every walk of life to get involved – as foster or adoptive parents, volunteers, mentors, employers or in other ways.

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National Foster Care Month
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