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Home Based Services


NYAP's Home Based Services are designed to prevent out-of-home placement by reducing the risk and improving the safety of all family members.  The services also support the reunification of children and youth with their family of origin when they are returning home from foster care, a community care home or a residential care facility.


Home Based Services are generally provided for six to nine months but may be adjusted based on the individual needs of the family.

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  • Traditional Wrap Around Practice

  • Crisis Support

  • Parent Skill Enhancement

  • Household Management

  • Problem Solving Skills Building

  • Communication Skills Enhancement

  • Cognitive Behavioral Approaches

  • Behavior Modification Strategies

Home Based Services make use of a variety of evidence-informed theories and approaches including:

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Home Based Services
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NYAP's Continuum of Care


Program Profile

  • Youth delinquency

  • Substance abuse

  • Family violence

  • Abuse and/or neglect history

  • Mental illness

  • Basic resource needs

  • Parenting or household management

  • Parent/child conflict

Families served by NYAP's Home Based Services typically have experienced challenges such as:


Through the implementation of a consistent Child Family Team planning process, service goals are achieved by:

  • Enhancing parenting effectiveness

  • Development of positive relationship skills

  • Linking the family to community supports

  • Assisting the family in identifying natural supports

This gives parents a voice and a choice in the care they receive personally as well as their family's care.

NYAP's Child Family Team

The Child Family Team identifies specific needs, services and interventions, assigns tasks and reviews progress.  They also revise strategies to ensure challenges are addressed immediately and consistent progress is maintained.


Services are provided by a two or three person team, depending on the individual needs of the children, youth and families we serve.


Each team consists of a Bachelor-degreed Family Case Manager and a paraprofessional Treatment Advocate and may include a Master’s level therapist based on individual family needs.


Successful discharge from Home-Based Services is defined as reunification or placement preservation with their family of origin, a relative or kinship care or permanent adoptive family.

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