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  • Complete criminal background checks on all adults (18+) living in your home.

Your call or email starts the process.  We will mail you a packet of information about NYAP.  A NYAP licensing Coordinator, will contact you to set up a face-to-face meeting.

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Step 1:

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How To Become a Foster Parent: The Seven (7) Step Process

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NYAP periodically holds New Foster Parent Orientation classes to give people who are considering foster parenting a forum to openly ask questions and talk to other parents going through the same process.  If there is not a class in the near future, your Licensing Coordinator will go over all the same information with you face-to-face and is available to answer any questions you may have.


Step 2:

Attend an Orientation

Your Licensing Coordinator will meet with you to discuss the state requirements for foster parents and to review the documentation with you.  It is important for you to complete all of the required documentation to expedite the process.


Step 3:

Documentation Review

As you work through gathering and completing the necessary documentation, you may begin to attend foster parent training classes.  Every foster parent is required to attend approximately 35-45 hours of pre-service training classes (classes vary by state).  In these classes, you will learn what foster parenting is all about, expectations, obligations and the rewards and challenges of being a foster parent.  You will learn how to work with the biological parent(s), how to help the youth adjust, parenting and family dynamics and more.


Note: Successful completion of all foster parent training classes is required.


Step 4:

Foster Parent Training Classes

Your Licensing Coordinator will arrange to make 2-3 visits to your home to interview you and any other family members or residents in the home.   The interviews allow us to:


Step 5:

The Family Assessment or “Home Study”

We understand that the home study process process may seem a bit intrusive or feel a bit awkward to you and your family at first, however it is critically important that we do all we can to ensure the safety and security of the foster youth and families we serve.  It is also important to ensure that our foster parents are adequately prepared to support and provide for the children and youth entrusted in their care.

Upon successful completion of your home study and training classes, NYAP will begin the process to license you as a NYAP foster parent.  Upon approval, you will meet with the NYAP team members that will support you as you foster a youth or sibling group.


Step 6:

Meet Your NYAP Team

Once you are certified, we will begin to look for a youth that is a good fit for you and your family.  If the match is right, the child(ren) will come to stay with you until they can be reunited with their biological family, a relative or if not available, permanently adopted by your family (if you choose) or another family.  We will talk to you about visitation schedules with birth parents and siblings and will continue to support you as you foster the youth.


Thank you again for your interest in becoming a NYAP foster parent.  We hope you will find reuniting and strengthening families and communities as rewarding as we do. We could not do it without the support and kindness of our foster parent community and people like you who step forward and make a difference.


Step 7:

A Child is Placed in Your Home

To receive a packet of information about foster parenting and to have one of our NYAP staff members contact you directly, submit a Foster Parent Inquiry Form

Submit Inquiry
  • Understand your motivations to become a foster parent.

  • Make sure your home has enough space to accommodate the foster youth or sibling group

  • Ensure you are able to provide a safe, nurturing home to the youth.

  • Ensure foster parenting is the right fit for you and your family.

  • Gather background information about you and your family and talk with the personal references you provide.

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How To Become A Foster Parent
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Actual Foster Parent process varies by location.


Contact the NYAP office in your area to learn more about the specific foster parenting step-by-step.