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Florida Region

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NYAP in Florida has served children and families since 2008 in Broward County as a contract agency for the County Lead Child Welfare Agency, Childnet, Inc.  In keeping with our philosophy of maintaining strong local support for our foster parents and team members, the Florida program is administered through these offices:

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  • Deerfield Beach

  • Palm Beach

  • Jacksonville

  • Ft. Myers

  • Miami

  • Pensacola

  • Sarasota

Under the leadership of the FL State Executive Director, Katherine LaMarco, these offices serve as a base for regional services which include an array of Enhanced  Foster Care options and services for children ages 0-18 and their families. Including those youth how who are lesbian, gay,  bisexual, transgender and question (LGBTQ) as well as youth suffering from mental health illness and substance abuse challenges.














NYAP Broward - Deerfield Beach

700 West Hillsboro Blvd.

Building 2, Suite 205

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Christina Malcolm, Regional Mgr.

(954) 596-5284 - Phone

(877) 490-6644 - Toll Free

(954) 596-5286 - Fax

  • 24-Hour Centralized Reception

  • Emergency Foster Care

  • Medically Fragile Care  

  • Mental Health Diagnoses

  • Respite Care

  • Constant and Never Ending Improvement (CANEI)

  • Managed Care Options

Give us a call today to learn more about the specific programs and services we offer through our Regional Offices in Florida.

Florida's Programs & Services

become a foster parent

NYAP’s Innovative Enhanced Foster Care program is available in multiple regions and  recruits and trains parents to provide enhanced foster homes to children and youth experiencing challenges related to ongoing medical issues, substance abuse, challenging behaviors, or gender identity.


Programs and Services offered vary by location.


Contact the NYAP office in your area to learn more about the specific services we can offer.

Recruiter Quick Call


If you are interested in becoming a Foster Parent, or would like more information another NYAP program, please contact:

Siniqua Copeland

Recruitment & Licensing Manager



Phone:   (954) 213-9507

NYAP Palm Beach

400 Civic Center Way, Suite B

Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

Shannon Doner, Regional Manager

(561) 452-5327 - Phone

(877) 490-6644 - Toll Free

(954) 596-5286 - Fax

Michele Nadeau

Recruitment & Licensing Manager



Phone:   (954) 683-0761


NYAP Ft. Myers

2503 Del Prado Blvd.

3rd Floor

Cape Coral, FL 33904

Trista Sturrup, Program Supervisor

(860) 800-2182 - Phone

(239) 461-7637- Fax (all faxes must be sent to the attention of Trista)


NYAP Miami

401 NW 2nd Avenue - #10

Miami, FL 33128

Christin James, Program Supervisor

(786) 724-2427 - Phone

(954) 596-5286- Fax

NYAP Pensacola

1924 Palafox Street

Pensacola, FL 32501

Jamilyn Ruckman, Program Supervisor

(850) 380-7041 - Phone

(954) 596-5286 - Fax

NYAP Sarasota

1500 Independence Blvd.

Suite 210

Sarasota, FL 34234

Sonya Hernandez, Program Supervisor

(941) 780-2169 - Phone

(954) 596-5286 - Fax


Auxiliary Aids


National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP) will take appropriate steps to ensure that persons with disabilities, including persons who are deaf, hard of hearing or in need an interpreter, have an equal opportunity to participate in our services, activities, programs and other benefits. To view our Auxiliary Aid policy, click here





NYAP Jacksonville

921 N. Davis St.

Building B, Suite 350

Jacksonville, FL 32209

Diane Hall, Program Supervisor

(904) 601-2191 - Phone