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Emergency Shelter Care and Group Home Care


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  • Assessment Services

  • Individual and Group Mental Health Case Management Services

  • Individual and Group Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy Services

  • Pharmacological Management

  • Targeted Case Management

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Psychological Testing

NYAP's Emergency Shelter Care program serves adolescent males, ages 11-20 on an emergency basis. These youth may have extensive histories of abuse, neglect and prior placements in institutional care. A number of youth served are also involved with the juvenile justice system.


Services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by referral from the custodial county, with para-professional and degreed or licensed social work employees providing for basic needs, structured group activities, social/recreational outings and educational programming.


The program is designed to be a 30-day, short-term stay for youth. Additional services may include diagnostic assessment and counseling/psychotherapy for eligible youth.

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Additional Services

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NYAP's Continuum of Care


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For Males, Ages 11 - 20


Group living provides a structured, supervised, home-like environment for adolescent girls (ages 13-17) that ensures safety, promotes educational achievement and supports the development of self-sufficiency and healthy life choices.


Girls in the program are provided with the services and mentoring necessary to develop skills for life success as an independent adult.

For Females, Ages 13 - 17


Services are generally provided for 6–12 months but may be adjusted based on the needs of the youth served.  The services provided include:

  • Acquiring appropriate and effective communication skills

  • Enhancing cognitive functioning to assist each individual in developing an improved ability to accurately respond to the world around them

  • Development of problem solving skills to enable individuals to function effectively in the community

  • Identification and management of triggers for non-adaptive emotional and behavioral responses

  • Development of Independent Living skills

  • Development of effective coping skills

  • Teaching youth how to prevent crisis and how to effectively respond in a crisis situation

  • Stabilization of mood and behaviors through the use of psychopharmacological intervention as needed

  • Re-establishment or enhancement of ties to the youth’s family of origin

  • Support to complete high school education (or equivalent) and educational/vocational planning for adulthood

Program Profile

Emergency Shelter Care addresses a variety of individual needs for adolescent girls (ages 13-17) including:

Successful discharge from this program occurs when a young woman has been reunified with her family of origin or achieves independence at age 18 or beyond and demonstrates the ability to self-sustain in the community.

  • Community Training Homes to support individuals over 18 who may be diagnosed with mental or behavioral disorders.

  • Homes for Medically Fragile children for severely compromised children who would otherwise require institutional care.

  • Homes for youth who are Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender or questioning to help GLBTQ youth develop a positive self-concept.

Specialized Treatment Homes

NYAP also offers therapeutic services through specialized treatment homes including:

ESC logo Square At Risk Programs for Teens Family Preservation and Reunification Services Therapeutic Care for Medically Fragile Children Respite Services






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Community Engagement

NYAP values the opportunity to serve adolescents in the communities they call home through our Group Care Services. NYAP seeks to be good neighbors in these communities and welcomes the sharing of any information relative to the services provided. To address concerns, provide information, or to simply ask questions about NYAP Group Care, please contact:

Troy Lizardi, Operations Manager

(614) 895-6818

NYAP will respond to all communications within 72 hours of receipt.