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We offer the following additional benefits and support to our NYAP foster parents:

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  • 24 Hour support through 1-877-NYAP-CAN. You can speak with a person, not a pager or a voicemail, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends.

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Call Toll Free:  1.877.NYAP-CAN

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  • Training classes are held at various times to accommodate the busy schedules and lives so many foster parents have.

  • NYAP per diems are competitively priced and are based on the needs of the child or youth.

  • Free foster parent certification and re-certification training classes.

  • We reimburse foster parents for mileage for youth appointments, etc. (Varies by region, ask us for details!).

  • Transportation assistance available for situations that go above and beyond what is considered routine or normal.

  • Referral bonuses for foster parents who refer new potental foster parents to NYAP. We offer a $400 referral bonus to parents who refer people to NYAP to become foster parents (ask us for the details).

  • Expense paid participation in NYAP foster parent conference held periodically to give you the opportunity to meet and speak with your fellow foster parents.

  • Free access to foster parent support groups led by local professionals.

  • Psychiatric and medical professionals on site, monthly.

  • NYAP foster parents have a team of professionals available to offer guidance and support, anytime it is needed. The team includes therapeutic and treatment support, clinical support, administrative support and more.

  • We support our foster parents with training and education, home visits, group meetings, respite care, kindness and appreciation.

  • Our staff has smaller caseloads than many other organizations which allows each staff member to build closer relationships with the foster parents and youth we serve.

  • We show foster parents the respect and consideration they deserve.


Foster Parent Referral Bonus Program



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To Our Valued Foster Parents: Thank You !

We appreciate the dedication you show as a NYAP foster parent. We count on you a great deal and that’s why we’re coming to you now with a special request. You are our best source for finding new foster families. Most people choose to foster because they have talked to people like you who can give them a first hand account of the challenges, benefits and rewards of fostering youth.

More Homes = Helping more Kids and Families

There is still a tremendous need for foster parents and licensed foster homes.

You can help!

  • Do you have friends or family that may be interested in foster parenting?

  • Maybe co-workers who would consider becoming foster parents?

  • Do you attend a church that would help us get out the word that we need caring people to provide safe and stable homes for foster youth?

$400.00 Referral Bonus

For every home you refer that becomes licensed, we will give you $100. When the first child is placed in the home, we will give you $300. That’s a total of $400 in your pocket!


Talk to us today about our generous referral program!


We’re here for our foster parents, youth and families, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can call us anytime at 1-877-NYAP-CAN (1.877.692.7226) if you need support, information, guidance or just to ask a question about caring for the youth you foster.

When you need us, we’re here for you.

We’re here to give our foster parents the skills, knowledge and support they need to provide children and youth with a safe, caring home.  We help our foster parents build and maintain a relationship, when and where appropriate, with the youth’s biological family with the ultimate goal of reunification, if possible.  


To receive a packet of information about foster parenting and to have one of our NYAP staff members contact you directly, simply fill out our online Foster Parent Inquiry Form.


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