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NYAP’s Service Reception department offers a single point of entry for all inquiries or contacts with NYAP.  Service Reception accepts referrals for community mental helath services, foster care, and fields inquiries from prospective foster parents.  Service Reception staff responds to after-hours referrals and many other concerns involving youth and families we serve.     Service Reception staff can be reached at 877 NYAP CAN (877-692-7226) and by email at

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Call Toll Free:  1.877.NYAP-CAN

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Agencies wishing to refer youth to the National Youth Advocate Program for services may contact Centralized Service Reception. NYAP accepts referrals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The following information will be requested from the referral source within 24 hours, if not provided at the time of the referral:

Always Open...

1. Current case plan as available

2. Case history and youth behavioral history

3. Current psychological and/or psychiatric evaluation

4. Medical history, including all known medical conditions

5. State Medicaid card

6. School reports and transcripts including IEP, as applicable

7. Birth certificate, court journal entry, Social Security card

8. Referring agency treatment recommendations

9. County risk assessments, as applicable


Questions ?

If you have any questions or would simply like to inquire about NYAP, our services and programs, the referral process or more, give us a call today!

Service Reception specialists have complete information on current NYAP foster homes and are able to match the preferences and strengths of each foster home with the unique needs of each youth referred for care.


Intake specialists begin to work toward indentifying a foster home as soon as a referral is received.  Referents do not find it necessary to leave messages as there is always coverage available to provide direct assistance.  


NYAP provides emergency placement services around the clock, 365 days a year.  


Service Reception staff provide immediate assistance and support to all callers, including foster parents, youth or families in crisis.  


Service Reception specialists are able to assess problems and provide guidance to solve conflicts and stabilize situations.  


NYAP's staff are also directly supported by Service Reception in that they have a department that is available to their clients and families 24 hours a day.  

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